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Oggetti 16 a 20 di 27 totali

  1. Oil and Grease Remover Paste 0,25 L Disponibile in magazzino

    Oil and Grease Remover Paste 0,25 L

    Tasse escuse: 40,68 € Tasse incluse: 50,04 €
    Creamy paste with an absorbing agent, easy to apply. Removes grease, oil, wax stains and discolorations arising from plasticizers in sealants on all kinds of natural and artificial stone, ceramic as well as cotto surfaces. Per saperne di più

  2. Stone Cleaner Disponibile in magazzino

    Stone Cleaner

    Tasse escuse: 28,99 € Tasse incluse: 35,66 €
    Slightly alkaline, highly concentrated cleaning agent. Free of phosphates and lyes, biodegradable, foodsafe (certified by an external German testing institute) For the thorough removal of building dirt. Removes layers of stone polish and wax, slight concrete films, oil and grease, soot and tar stains, residues of synthetic paints as well as plaster on all natural and artificial stones such as marble, travertine, terrazzo, granite, brick and cotto slabs, tiles, fair-faced concrete and fine sto Per saperne di più

  3. Stone Polish - wax based 1 L Disponibile in magazzino

    Stone Polish - wax based 1 L

    Tasse escuse: 39,16 € Tasse incluse: 48,17 €
    Concentrated high-quality wax emulsion on a watery basis with increased polymers which is free of solvents. Intensifies colour shades. It forms a protective coating which is extremely resistant to wear and tear and is glossy on its own account. It brightens up dull, matt surfaces and makes them easier to clean as well as water and dirt repellent. For indoor use. Also suited for cotto, terracotta and terres quites surfaces as well as unglazed clay tiles and bricks. Per saperne di più

  4. Stone Sealer satin finish Disponibile in magazzino

    Stone Sealer satin finish

    Tasse escuse: 43,24 € Tasse incluse: 53,19 €
    Stone Sealer satin finish- sealer which contains solvents and high-grade acrylic resins. It is weather-resistant and non-yellowing. The colourless acrylic coating provides long-term protection and is water and dirt-resistant. It is used to seal porous and absorbent surfaces. Colours and structures appear more intensive. On account of the sealed surface, the stone is easier to care for. Preferably used indoors. Per saperne di più

  5. Stone Perfume 0,1 L Disponibile in magazzino

    Stone Perfume 0,1 L

    Tasse escuse: 83,88 € Tasse incluse: 103,17 €
    Ready-to-use fragrance and cleaning spray containing biodegradable cleaning substances of high quality and selected perfume oils, fast drying For the daily care and easy removal of light dirtying, e.g. slight films of oil and grease. Exclusive perfume oils give a fragrance with the touch of summerly freshness to exclusive counter tops, displays, washing tables, shelves or window sills made of marble, granite or quartz composite. Per saperne di più


Oggetti 16 a 20 di 27 totali



Oggetti 16 a 20 di 27 totali